Sommerfrische in Bamberg – Part 1

Finally after two years we could hold our yearly Sommerfrische and it was SO much fun! Marlene and I went by train to Bamberg were our friend Dorothee was hosting this years event – and it was amazing.

Bamberg is a lovley little city near Nuremberg where we visited Maria (@historical_hinterlist) last autum. Our good friend Becky (@te_selenen) acted as Dorothees sidekick and was our personal tour guide on a city tour where we found this funny 3D-leg.

But now to the costumy-part!
Our first meet up in costume was at castle Weißenstein in Pommersfelden were we made a guided tour (sadly no pictures allowed) and then picknicked in the gardens. It was such a beautiful day and we even saw deer jumping around in the high grass.

I (again) wore my silk pet en l’air which I really learned to love. It’s super comfy, flowy and perfect in the heat. And the pocket hoops are just perfect to store so much stuff in. ♥

On the second day we had a lovley day in Bamberg itself. In the morning we went to a book store which sells fashion plates and later we visited the beautiful Vogelsaal (Hall of birds) in the museum.

I wore my new edwardian dress which I made using an old silk saree I got maaaaaany moons ago at a sewing fair in vienna. This was a super fast project since I draped the bodice on my dress form in 10 minutes. For the skirt I used the part of the saree which was already lined at the hem. The bodice is lined with leftover fabric and my hat is the only thing I bought new stuff for – the base hat was a cheap summer hat from a discounter where I cut down the crown quite a bit and the ‘flowers’ are also new. The golden trimming I also got many moons ago from my aunt and it was just enough to cover the edge. The lace underthingy is actually an old lace cardigan from Newlook. My sister recently moved house and found it and wanted to throw it out – but I snatched it, sewed buttons on and wore it the other way round. 😀

I have to say, I really love the dress. It’s pretty, flowy, light and perfect for running around in a city.

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