Victoria Markl

Master Seamstress

My name is Victoria and I’m a 26 years old master seamstress from vienna.
I was very lucky to grow up in a city with so many museums, theatres and culture like vienna. Every corner of this city is filled with history and thanks to all my history teachers I learned to love it even more. I also always loved to go to musicals and plays to adore the amazing costumes the seamstresses and tailors in the costume departments made and I always thought to myself ‘Oh if I could wear a dress like this’.
Many years ago, when I was in business school which was not fullfilling at all, I found the costuming community by chance and there were so many talented people and I wanted to be a part of this community. So a pattern and fabric were bought and my sewing and costuming journey began.

I already was pretty okay at what I was doing but I wanted to get a lot more professional, learn new techniques and also pattern drafting so I decided to go to a fashion school.
After two years of training I also did the masterclass for stage costumes where I was able to participate in a collaboration between the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien and my school Herbststrasse, where I was able to recreate a dress of Marie Antoinette for an exhibition at castle Ambras. (To read more about it click here.)

In late 2020 I also took my exam and got my Master Craftman’s Certificate!

During and after going to school I dipped my toes into theatre work at Nationaltheater Mannheim (germany) and also had an internship and worked freelance at Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien (austria)

What I do

  • Bespoke historical or stage costumes
  • Bespoke modern womenswear and corsets
  • Ocassionally mending authentic clothing items
  • Researching european fashion history from the 17th to 20th century