Victoria Markl

Master Seamstress, Historical Fashion Expert

My name is Victoria Markl and I’m a 26 years old master seamstress and historical fashion expert from Vienna.
I was very lucky to grow up in a city with so many museums, theatres and culture like vienna. Every corner of this city is filled to the brim with history and thanks to all my history teachers I learned to love it even more. I also always loved to go to musicals and plays to adore the amazing costumes the seamstresses and tailors in the costume departments made and I always thought to myself ‘Oh if I could wear a dress like this’.

Many years ago, when I was in business school, I found the costuming community by chance and wanted to be a part of it – so a pattern and fabric were bought and the rest is history.

I taught myself how to sew, decided to learn it on a professional level and went to Kunst Mode Design Herbstrasse after graduating.
After two years of training I also went to the masterclass for stage costumes where I was able to participate in a collaboration between the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien and my school. (To read more about it click here.)

In late 2020 I took my exam to get my Master Craftman’s Certificate!

During all this time I found my passion in historical fashion and have continued to research historical fashion ever since. My main area of expertise lies in european fashion in the 18th, 19th and 20th century.

I also dipped my toes into theatre work at Nationaltheater Mannheim (Germany) and also had an internship and later worked freelance at Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien (Austria).

What I do

  • Bespoke historical or stage costumes
  • Bespoke modern womenswear and corsets
  • Mending authentic clothing items
  • Researching european fashion history from the 17th to 20th century