Fêtes Galantes in Versailles

After two years the Fêtes Galantes were finally allowed to take place and I had the opportunity to participate for the first (and definitely not the last) time.

I went with my good friends Gertraud (@schneiderfips), Marlene (@thestyleofmarleen) and Kathi who doesn’t have any linkable social media.
Gertraud and Kathi went by plane but Marlene and me had to much to pack and we travelled by car to my aunt and then with the TGV from germany to Paris. I personally really liked this way of going to Paris. The TGV is fast, very comfy, you have enough space for luggage and it wasn’t really expensive – but make sure to book in advance.

Our luggage on the way back home..

We were staying at the hotel Le Versailles because it is only a very short walk to the chateau and we knew, that we would be tired after the ball. The hotel also has very big rooms (we were staying in the Superior category) and we got connecting rooms. So helping each other getting dressed was very easy and fun. The breakfast was also very good – a nice buffet with lots of national and typical continental food choices. The only ‘downside’ was that it’s…not very pretty from the outside. You might walk past it if you don’t know what you are looking for – but who chooses a hotel because it’s pretty from the outside? It’s the inside that matters 😀

But now let’s talk about the topic we’re all here for: The Fêtes Galantes at chateau Versailles.
When buying the tickets you need to choose the category. We chose the cheapest option with a concert at the guard room and the chapel. Both concerts were absolutley beautiful! The very talented singers were also dressed in 18th century fashion which made the concerts even more perfect.
The only thing I really disliked was, that there was no place to buy something to drink. The bar was only open for people with more expensive tickets and to get something to drink there were probably only the washrooms. Since the event starts at around 19:30 and ends around 23:30 there is a lot of time to spend in the very warm rooms without something to drink. It would have been nice to at least get some water somewhere.

Still, it was a beautiful evening where I was able to meet lots and lots of people I knew from Instagram and one lovley Lady even came to me and said she recognized my dress from Facebook – I sadly don’t know your name but it was SO nice to talk to you!

And now some pictures because they can tell you more than a thousand words.

most beautiful @schneiderfips in jewellery by @master_jakobus
@thestyleofmarleen in her amazing baroque gown and lot’s of selfmade bling bling
most beautiful Kathi

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