Sommerfrische in Bamberg – Part 2

On the second day of Sommerfrische we had a ball!

Our Sommerfrische-balls are always the highlights of the Sommerfrische – we get to dance, laugh and wear all the evening wear, we don’t get to wear otherwise.

Dorothee outdid herself this year. The ball took place at ‘Aufseßhöflein’ a little villa which was bought by a lovley couple and renovated to it’s current state. Since it’s owned privatley we had everything to us, including the park, which was amazing.

I think this was the most beautiful ball I’ve ever been too.

The small Pavillion in the park

We also got a ‘small’ buffet made by Dorothee and her mother – both are amazing chefs and we enjoyed all the food and drinks so much in the dance breaks.

The ball itself was a blast, we danced all night, enjoyed the warm weather in the park ans celebrated beeing together after two years of the pandemic. I think I can speak for us all: We missed dancing.

my 1890s lockdown ball gown

I finally got to wear my 1890s ballgown which I made at the end of 2020. You can find a blog post about the dress here.

Underneath I’m wearing a chemise (straps got pushed into the corset), a S-Bend-corset, a simple petticoat and that’s it. My shoes are from Anacronicos (Salon shoes, higher heel, custom fabric). My leather gloves are from Parisi gloves and my tiara is from Aliexpress.

On sunday, sadly our last day, many had to go home pretty early but Marlene and I were able to meet up for a last time with the others to eat all the leftover food, talk and enjoy the warm weather before going home. This was a weekend I will look back quite often…I already miss Bamberg.
And the biggest thank you to Dorothee for organizing the best Sommerfrische we ever had! You did amazing and I wonder how anyone could ever top this event.

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