Nuremberg and a 1890s walking suit

The end of the 2021 is very near and so is the panic of posting all the pictures of stuff I made this year.

One of my favourite things to sew this year was a 1890s ensemble. From a chemise to a corset to a petticoat and the walking suit itself – I had so much fun sewing all those things and I also learned a lot from it. I also had the great opportunity to wear the suit at a small costumed gathering in Nuremberg where we visited our lovley Maria. At first only Marlene and me wanted to crash at her place to go to the museum but well…so many of our friend group had time so it was a bigger event for us.

Of course we visited the Germanisches Nationalmuseum and it took quite some time for us to look at all the beautiful textile items. They have a beautiful textile collection but it will close in the near future because they are going to renovate the museum and the textile department will get a whole new place – we were really lucky to see it before the renovation.
Maybe you already have seen it, but I had to take a picture of a beautiful 18th century robe with an horrendous stomacher on top of it. What were they thinking? But well, it was a good laugh and the other dresses are absolutley stunning.
The GNM has also a beautiful old passage and I forced Laura to pose there in her amazing 1870s bustle dress.

Of course we had a little photoshoot in the beautiful old city and took pictures while we were taking the underground and tram. And a few pictures were also taken when we were out to eat. 😀

It was such a pleasure to see all of them again after so many months with no events and I really look forward to see them again very very soon.

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