Carnival in venice – the dress

When this post goes online I will be in venice (and probably pretty tired)! As I’m writing this now I feel how excited I am to attend the carnival in venice. I really can’t wait!
To be honest, venice is not my most favourite city but it’s still in the top 5 because it’s so full of history and it’s a lot of fun to explore the city and justs go for a walk!

Since the last blog post about my trip to venice I finished all the accessoires!
So the muff is filled, the brooch is ready to pin things together, the cape has a closure and the a fan again 😀 (The fan is missing on this picture)

And now let’s talk about the dress!
I started with the easiest part: The skirt. I made it like I make all my 18th century skirts.
I used the width of the fabric, sewed the side seams and left openings. Then I finished the hem by hand.
Since I want to wear pocket hoops under this skirt, I shortened the middle of the front and also the back, so that the skirt is longer on the side seams, since it needs more length because of the pocket hoop.

A quick sketch of how I cut my skirts for pocket hoops
And the skirt I made with it

And now to the way more complicated part: The bodice.
I wanted a wrap around front with the chemise peeking out. This painting caught my eye and was my main inspiration.
This was super tricky because it was important that my stays are not showing and that the front is relativley stiff because it looks very stiff on the painting. The outcome is not perfect but it’s more than enough for the time given and the event.

I would have draped this bodice on a mannequin but I don’t have one with my measurements so I had to start with my good old trusty robe a l’anglaise pattern. If you have a good fitting one just use that as a starting point since you’re only going to reshape the front of the gown.
I just copied the front, glued them together at the center front and then draw how I wanted the wrap front to look like.
For closure I just used my normal front pattern, cut it a bit shorter and made a hook and eye closure.

After sewing the front I started sewing on glass pearls onto the dress. Sadly I underestimated the weight of them and now my neckline isn’t as perfect as I would’ve liked it to be.
I think I’m going to redo the neckline after venice but for now I really don’t have any more time left.

And now I have to go packing my suitcase for venice!
See you next week!

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