Carnival in Venice (and why I had to leave early)

My trip to venice started on friday evening (21st february) because my parents and I were taking the Nightjet from the ÖBB (austrian railway service) from vienna to venice.
I’ve never been travelling with a Nightjet so this was new to me and I’m torn wether I liked it or not.
We chose the sleep-cabin and it was extremley small. We got a goodie bag with slippers, a towel, earplugs, handwipes, water, snacks and a vino frizzante which was very nice. Also a breakfast was included.
My mom liked the sleep cabin and she was able to sleep but I wasn’t. The beds were on top of each other and I was sleeping in the one on the top. I felt every turn of the train and got shaken through a lot.
If I ever would take a nightjet again I think I would book the deluxe cabin which is bigger and not so…stuffed I guess.

But well. After two naps (in total 1:35h according to my watch) and a tasty breakfast we arrived in venice. After a 10-15 minute walk we arrived at our hotel which I highly recommend if you ever get the chance to visit venice.
We stayed at the hotel Al duca di venezia. It is lovley, the room and the bathroom were very big and perfectly clean. Also the hotel is super pretty. With old mirrors and furniture and amazing muranoglass lamps. They were so beautiful!
And the staff of the hotel was just amazing. They were always helpful and so so SO kind and lovley.
Since we arrived in the morning our room wasn’t ready yet but we could leave our stuff there. After confirming our reservation we also got an excellent coffee before we started walking through venice.

Since we all already have been to venice it was not so important to us to see aaaalll the things in a few days. We wanted to relax, stroll around and see beautiful venetian costumes which we did. We all were stunned by so many costumes and the details and I forgot to take pictures of a few because I was starring at the costumes trying to see all the details – I really enjoyed the moments 🙂

On our second day I was in my costume I made for venice. We again, strolled around the city, enjoyed ourselfes and had fun.
And sadly this also was our unexpectetly last day in venice because of the corona-virus.

The trip to venice was planned to be a trip with my school. Since I wanted to see a bit more of venice I decided to arrive earlier than my classmates which I did. And then the school trip got cancelled because the infections in italy started to spread rapidly and cities got shut down to prevent further infections.
The official school trip got cancelled but my classmates were allowed to take the trip alone without a teacher. Some of my classmates decided to come to venice but 20 minutes after they had left for venice, our teachers called them and said they must go back immediatley.
And why? Because an austrian train was stopped in italy at the border to austria because of two women with fever. In the end they just got sick and NOT the corona-virus but we all didn’t know that at the time.
This was also the reason why my parents and I decided to come back early. We were NOT in a slightest afraid of the virus, BUT of the austrian train service, that they might shut down ALL trains from italy to austria.
And now I have to praise our hotel again: They were so lovley when we told them we want to go early and they were so understanding and we did not have to pay all 4 nights but only 2 nights which we stayed.

Also the citizens of venice and the tourists were super chill with the virus. At the time I was in venice there were two cases of infections but nothing more and the city was calm and still having fun.

Well, now I’m back and not allowed to go to school for two weeks even though I got tested for the virus and it came back negative!
What a nice way to end a trip to venice 😀

And here are a few pictures of me in my costume in venice!

On the famous book steps in the book store libreria acqua alta

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