A little life update

School stuff..

It’s been a long time since my last blog post and even a longer while since I wrote a blog post.
Life was pretty weird latley. As we all know the Covid-19 virus hit europe pretty hard and many countries had a general lockdown. As you all know I was in venice, came back just to be in quarantine for two weeks and then, after three days of school where I bareley caught up, austria had a general lockdown and schools closed.
Since the masterclass is only one year long I was pretty desperate to catch up, because there is no ‘Well, I can learn it next school year’ and so I was busy with distance-learning and sewing school stuff. To be honest, I was also pretty depressed with not seeing my school friends so I was happy that we were allowed to be 3 days in school in may. And then school was over. We had no exams and so my last school year just…ended. It still feels incomplete.
There were ups and downs, sometimes I was pretty pissed with how things were in school but when I now look back it was a good year. Probably one of the best school years I ever had. (And this was the best class/group I was ever in for sure!)
Here is a picture of us with our lovley teacher on our last school day we had together! Of course with face masks and after the picture we again had 1,50 m distance between us. One of us was missing but the picture was taken at her sewing place ❤

What happens to Marie Antoinette?

Since austria was in a lockdown we also had to postpone the ‘fashion show’ collaboration with the Kunsthistorischem Museum. The exhibition will take place from june 17th to october 3rd 2021!
We’re still waiting for more information but it looks like that my class still will be there in costume on the first day of the exhibition and I really can’t wait!
In the meantime I will redo a few things. I want to change the closure of the grand pannier because it’s not perfectly confortable. Then I also want to update the stomacher and sew on more ruching and I want to change the lace. I don’t like the one I now have on the sleeves and the bodice because it’s to stiff and also too white. I’m now looking for a cotton tulle lace but they are pretty hard to find in the width I need (6-7 cm, if you know a shop in europe, please send me a message!)
I’m also still working on a pomade and the hair cushion and decoration.

Was I even sewing historical stuff..??

Yes, yes I was! I was not sewing much but I had to take school-sewing-breaks and made a few alterations and mending, a new edwardian blouse and my first regency spencer ever! The blouse was made after a pattern in ‘Creating Edwardian Clothes’ and the spencer was made with the pattern from Sense&Sensibility Patterns. The instructions were not really good and pretty confusing but well..I didn’t use it at all. 😀
I used a lovley green wool and leftovers of a Ikea Duvet Cover. I’m also working on a second spencer with the same fabrics right now but I altered the pattern a bit. I’m also thinking about how I want to change the pattern for a third spencer. (The green ones are just fancy mock ups 😀 I have a lovley checked wool and I can’t wait to make a spencer out of it since it’s just enough for it.)
I’m also working on a turn of the century chemisette, because I wanted to sew something by hand to practice a bit.
I’m pretty busy with those things because I still need to practice for my master-examination in late august!
(Please excuse the bad quality of the pictures..I’ll try to reupload them as soon as I found out what happend to them)

And what else..?

Well, life is better nowadays. The lockdown is almost over and we’re allowed to meet friends again, go to cafes and museums are open again. My lovley friend Gertraud had an idea: To visit the castle Schönbrunn while there are no tourists in Vienna! And this was the best idea ever! There were almost no people and we had SO much time to look at the paintings, talk about the dresses on the paintings, the monarchy and the castle – and how great it is to see the castle so empty.
We both bought a special ticket where we can visit four different locations and we’re planning to visit them in the next couple of weeks/months and I’m super happy to catch up with her.

I also acquired a new 19th century piece. A beautiful black silk bodice in such a great condition! Here is a little sneak peek, but this bodice needs to get a whole blog post with maaaany detail shots! I also want to take the pattern of the bodice and sew it for myself and also make a skirt for it someday because it’s just SO beautiful.

Aaaaand I think this is it for now! I hope that I’ll be able to post more again – I missed it but I had no motivation at all to write something down.. But I think the motivation is back now!
I hope you’re all doing great and I hope, wherever you are, that you’re save and healthy. Don’t let this virus get you down! Better times will come again! ❤

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