19th century

A time where fashion changed rapidly….

A walking suit in autumn

A little project which only used fabric from my stash! Wore it in Nuremberg and loved it a lot. The skirt was made with an authentic pattern, the jacket was pased on Zouave Jackets from the 1890s.

A regency ball gown

Made for the Zeitentanz ball 2022! Pictures are here.

A dress from 1862

My winter dress which was too cold for winter! Still got it’s first outing at the Lainzer Tiergarten in vienna!
The little jacket was drafted with an austrian drafting system from 1862!

The 1830s plaid dress

My favourite dress from 2020! Made with 3m of fabric in 3 days. And pictures can be found here!

The seaside bustle dress, 1875

A Bird on my head and a little umbrella in my hand. That’s all I need to have a lovley time in Opatija in croatia or go to a picnic in Bad Ischl.

Luise of Pruissa

Empire dresses are always a good choice for a ball! (including a little pattern review)

The Demel-bustle, 1875

I saw a fashion plate from Le moniteur de la mode, fell in love and made the dress in under two weeks while going to school full time. (And covered over 40 buttins with fabric)

But I think it turned out rather lovley! I wore it for a visit to Demel, a very famous coffee house in vienna and also for a historical steam train adventure in germany!

A crinoline for Laxenburg

I think this is one of my most favourite pictures I have of myself in a dress. The lighting, my flowy skirt..and this was just a snapshot while I was rearranging my skirt at Laxenburg during our Sommerfrische!

Channeling my inner Jane Eyre

A super fast cheat-dress. I used my long sleeved crinoline bodice, made a simple skirt and a corded petticoat and went for a little walk during our very first lockdown.

My very first historical dress

This was so long ago! Made with an Butterick pattern and an awful polyester fabric. And I wore it – I know this will be shocking – without period underwear.
Still love it though.

The blue bustle

Wore it at my very first Kaiserfest in Bad Ischl!

Empire in Lainz

I don’t have good pictures of this dress, but it was my first empire dress made with a pattern in Patterns of Fashion 1

A bustle behind a… tree

And here we have my first bustle dress made with Truly Victorian patterns.