The yearly visit to Bad aussee and Bad Ischl

It was again the time of the year where I pack my things and travel a few hours by train to visit my good friend Magdalena in Bad Aussee, one of the most beautiful cities in austria.
It’s very very small compared to vienna but no matter where you look, you’ll see postcard kitsch and I love it.

The second reason, besides catching up with Magdalena, is the yearly ‘Kaiserfest’ (a party for the emperor Franz from Austria – Empress Elisabeths husband) in Bad Ischl. Thanks you our global pandemic the Kaiserfest was not taking place like always but Roti from Black Snail Patterns decided to still organise a little meet up.
We visited the town museum where it was not allowed to take pictures which is pretty sad because there were a few orginial dresses from the 19th to early 20th century.
But we still had a lot of fun looking at those dresses.

We also took a little walk through Bad Ischl and took a few pictures, but it was getting pretty hot so we tried to get to Roti as fast as possible.

After eating so much cake and drinking tea and coffee it was time to hop into something…more revealing and go for a swim in her pool!
Magdalena and I decided to leave our Bikinis ar her place because it was pouring in Bad Aussee in the morning and we didn’t think the weather would be better in Bad Ischl, so Roti was so kind to lend us some swimclothes and she pulled out an amazing repro 1920s bathing suit out of her wonderful stash of clothes and we all were so in love with it!
We were also trying to persuade her to make a pattern for it because it’s so lovley! And I can also confirm: It was super comfy in the water, not heavy at all and it looked so nice! (And no photoshopped cellulitis because we need more realness in the costuming community!)
I don’t have a problem with wearing normal bikinis but I think this one is also great for anyone who doesn’t want to show too much skin on a beach or at a public swimming pool in modern day to day life!

As you can see Roti and I tried a bit synchronized swimming..or rather hopping from one end of the pool to the other one. Was a lot of fun and I can only recommend trying that!

And this was it. My first costume meet up since the 18th century ball in february. I really missed meeting up with friends, talking about everything and nothing and looking at new and old dresses and just having fun.

I hope you all are and stay well in the upcoming months!
Don’t forget to wear your mask correctly when you’re in public transportation or in supermarkets or in general closed rooms because if you can safe only one person from getting sick it was well worth to wear the mask!
We all sit in the same boat and if we all pull in the same direction we might be able to get normal and bigger meet ups again sooner than later! ♥

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