A pet en l’air at Schloss Hof and Baby donkeys

A pet en l’air in a week? Easy.
At least I was saying that to myself when my friend Marlene (Youtube & Instagram) said to me she wants to go and take pictures of her beautiful Zone Front gown on a sunday.

Well, in the end it was not so easy and I only finished the dress the evening before our meet-up but it turned out rather lovley. Not perfect but for making it the first time I’m pretty satisfied with the result.

Marlene, her father and I went to the castle Schloss Hof, a castle in lower austria. It’s so beautiful there with the wonderful castle gardens and the estate farm which provided the castle with fresh produce. Now it’s more an educational farm where kids can participate in workshops and you can see and learn about all the animals.

But without further do: Some pictures! 😀

Derp-face 😀

And then we went to the estate farm and looked at the newbown donkeys! They are baroque donkeys, very rare and the have cute blue eyes.

We were so happy so them all and a few, very brave ones, came to the fence and let us pet them. (I was squealing because they were so cute and soft!)

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