Horizontal corset 1869 – The finished corsets (Part 3)

It’s been more than a year and I don’t know how time could fly so fast but I’m finally back with an update on my corsets.

A few months ago I wasn’t in the mood to start a new project so I looked through my ‘box of shame’ and found the corsets at the bottom of it. I knew there wasn’t much left to do so I decided to start with setting the grommets – because that’s easy fast and you see results immediatley.
This was done after maybe an hour so I had to decide what I want to use for the boning channels.
In the end I found leftover silk taffeta in white, a soft pink and a dark green. I backed the soft pink one with a fusible interfacing for jersey to make it a bit stiffer and more sturdy. The second corset got only the silk taffeta because I wanted to see if there will be a huge difference in performance of the channels. There wasn’t a big one but since the white taffeta is naturally a bit more see-through I could see more of the boning through the fabric.
The boning channels and also the binding were topstitched by machine.

Now let’s look at the pictures. As you can see the corset doesn’t look really good on the mannequin because it is not curvy enough. But what you clearly can see is a weird fold on the bottom right beside the busk. This is a problem which I could easily remove in the pattern but not in the finished corset. Would be easier to start from scratch.

Well. This fold bothered me a lot and I went back to the original drawing of the corset and found the fold even there – this means the fold was either intended or they just drew the picture after making a test corset and didn’t bother to correct this little fold! I was so amazed and also confused. In the end, no one would see this fold, because it would be concealed under all the layers which go over the corset.

Well, the corsets are no true work of arts and they are also too small for me (Waist 62cm/24,4 inch closed) so I decided to sell two of them. The black/green one is already reserved for a friend but the black/pink one is currently seeking a new home for a very small price+shipping!

If you‘re interested in more details please send me a message or DM me on instagram. 🙂

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