A walk in Lainz and a pattern from 1862

A few days ago it finally snowed in vienna and the snow stayed long enough to have enough time to dress up and drive to the Lainzer Tiergarten near to take a few pictures!
The Lainter Tiergarten is a big part which belongs to the beautiful Hermesvilla, a villa which was buildt for Empress Elisabeth of austria. As far as I know she loved to be there and I can understand why. It’s beautiful there and the park is big, perfect for horse riding which was one of Empress Elisabeths favourite activities, as far as I know.

Late last year I was browsing austrian and german fashion magazines and found one from austria with instructions to draft your own bodice pattern. The magazine is called Wiener Modenzeitung and it is from 1862. The instructions for drafting the pattern are split in 4 parts and you have to use measurments and stencils which I didn’t have and had to freestyle.
It took a lot of elbow grease to figure out what they were talking about all the time because not all measurments or formulars to calculate specific measurments were given and I kind of had to wiggle myself through. But it turned out better than expected!

After a very short fitting of the bodice I decided to just use it as is to see how it would turn out. And well. The armhole is a bit too tight for my liking but this is the only complain I have – and this is probably due to me not having the armhole stencil AND wearing a puffy sleeve under the little jacket. It also turned out a tad big, but this is nothing I can’t change the next time I use the basic pattern.
So if you speak or understand german I would highly recommend checking out the magazine. There are also a few beautiful fashion plates!

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