pictures of the 1830s dress

It’s NOT been a while since my last post and this makes me happy because this means the raining I was complaining about in my last post has finally stopped. 😀
Today I also don’t want to talk too much because I only want to show you my finished dress worn with my now decorated bonnet I showed you in my last post withour decoration.

Let’s talk bonnet first! And let me tell you, finding autumn-ish artificial flowers in mid-october is nearly impossible! I was in 3 different home decor shops and found NOTHING. They only had christmas-y stuff and the shop staff told me I was two weeks too late.
And then my mum had the idea to drive to our local Ikea. While she was driving I was looking through the online shop and found a beautiful autumn bouquet which was also pretty affordable and I got the last one even though it was marked as a new product in the shop! (I also bought some christmas decor because how could I go past the christmas section without taking anything with me :D)
When I came home I tried to pin the flowers to the bonnet to see how I want them on the bonnet and I was super pleased with how everything looked.
Before sewing the flowers on I cut two strips of the green silk to make the hatband and then I sewed the flowers down to the hatband, so that I can change the decoration more easily. Only the fern is sewn down to the bonnet itself but those stitches are easy to remove.

1830s Bonnet

And then I was ready to put on my dress and wear it for a little autumn-walk through the castle grounds of Castle Kittsee which is not open for visitors because it’s primary use now is only for exhibitions or events.

1830s dress with piping details

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