Diving into the romantic era (and a few pictures of my easter walk in costume)

As we all know the world, as we know it, came to a halt because of a virus. I don’t want to talk much about that because sewing and costuming is my escape from the normal world and also the pandemic which is going on right now. I just want to say this: I hope you guys and your family stay home healthy and don’t go crazy during the isolation and quarantine!

And now let’s talk about sewing! 😀
Months ago a friend and I talked about romantic era dresses and that we want to make one because we don’t own one and want to dive into the big sleeve era.
Now, a few weeks ago Franzi started working on her corset and her corded petticoat and aaalll the beautiful things.
This reminded me of my plans and I got motivated after seeing her progress. So I pulled out fabric and cord which I bought for the petticoat and made one!
I used an old altar-cloth from a church-flea-market which was about 2,80m wide. I used a 3mm cotton cord as cording. I really recommend pre-washing the cord because mine discoloured the petticoat while I was starching it and I really hope that I can get the yellowish colour out when I wash it next time in the washing mashine…

After making the corded petticoat I looked through my fabric stash because I wan’t to use things I already have at home and I found a big leftover piece of my 1860s crinoline dress. I had 5,2 m left and decided to use this fabric for making a romantic era dress.
I started with making a simple skirt for which I used two widths of the fabric.

Then easter arrived and I wanted to go for a walk in costume and looked through all my things and found my day-crinoline bodice which I never wore. Since I used the same fabric I pulled it out and wore it with my new skirt.
I opted for a very simple, kind of working class but sunday outfit dress from the romantic era. I’m not going to put my thumb on a year but I think I looked okay enough to go for a walk and get some sunshine. 😀

And as you can see I wore my Elizas from American Duchess! (I channeled my inner Jane Eyre in this picture :D)
And this was in my herb garden at my grandmas house 😀

As much as I love this outfit I’m still going to make a 1830s romantic era bodice with fluffy big sleeves. I’m still brainstorming about the bodice and how I want to make it because I want the stripes of the fabric to look good amazing but I think I already find one which I like..but I don’t want to spoiler you right now so stay tuned! 🙂

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