Historic Steam Train Adventure: ‚Kuckucksbähnel‘ in germany

On my this years trip to germany I was in Hanover and also, like every year at my aunts house near Mannheim. (This is also where I stayed last year when I had an internship at the Nationaltheater Mannheim – a very big theatre in Mannheim).

Since Nicole, a fellow costumer, lives in the same small village and many others in the same area we decided to meet up in costume.

Nicole proposed to go and take a small steam train trip since we never did something similar and it was a great idea because our trip was wonderful!
We were a small group of 5 (summer is always a bit difficult for meet ups because of school and such things) but it was so nice to meet all of them!

The steam train we took is called ‚Kuckucksbähnel‘ and belongs to the DGDE (a train museum) and

We took the steam train from Neustadt an der Weinstraße to go to Elmstein where we stayed for a few hours before we went back.
We talked a lot, had fun with a water basin but the best part of the day was really the train from 1904.

I wore my checked dress I also wore at our Sommerfrische again. It was a bit too hot that day but it was bearable. I was also very lucky because the ashes from the train were not detectable at all since my dress is grey/black. The others had more problems with that!
And this is why all those travel dresses are dark coloured! 😀

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