18th century ball in Vienna and a zone front gown

This year, on february 2nd, I attended my first historical ball ever.

The ball was hosted by a historical dance club based in Vienna. It is called ‘Zeitentanz’ and they also hold dance classes. If you’re from Vienna and interested visit their website!

The ticket itself did cost €50,- but I only had to pay €40,- because I’m under the age of 27 where you get a €10,- discount! A buffet was included, but you had to pay for drinks. You also could attend a dance practice lesson the day before without an extra fee which I did. And this was a very good decision! I’ve never danced anything else than a walz and this was so different and also pretty exhausting.
At the location of the ball there was a big room where you could put on your costume, leave your bag or check yourself one last time in the mirror.
The ball itself took place in the historical hall of mirrors in the dance school Hernals.

But now let’s talk about the dress I wore!
Since a woman can never have to many dresses and gowns, I was in need of a new one. This years ball theme was an 18th century one and I decided relativley early, that I wanted to make a zone front gown.
I had a black fabric in mind but Roti (@black_snail_patterns) said I should make something colorful. I listened to hear and used Ikea bedding to make my dress. I knew she also was sewing a zone front gown out of the same fabric and I asked her if it was okay for her if I would do the same. She was absolutley okay with it and also gave me her pattern. We decided to go as twins. 😀
I finished the dress two hours before the ball began because I’m lazy and I had a lot to do for school…this is also why my neckline was gaping a lot and you could see my chemise all the time..I simply had no time to add the draw string. But I’ll add it later at some point…hopefully 😀
We all had a lot of fun, danced every dance and made silly pictures during the dance break. (When I saw the fireplace I knew right away, that I had to take a picture while sitting in it. :D)

Me and Roti from @black_snail_patterns

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