Welcome to 2020!

Happy new year everyone! I hope you all had a great start into it. 🙂

It’s finally 2020 and a new historical costuming year is waiting to be explored by us and I’m pretty excited because I already have a lot of projects planned! (I hope that I’m going to stick to them this year! 😀 )

This year I’ll be finally allowed to tell you on what project I was working on since september! I can’t waaaaiiiittt! 🙂
But now to my plans I’m aleady allowed to tell you 😀

Shop my stash and finish started projects!

Since I started sewing historical clothing in 2016 I built up a very big fabric stash and I currently have 66 different fabrics in my inventory not counting leftovers from older projects. This is way too much and it also takes up so much space I don’t have.
The same goes for unfinished projects. My box of shame is so full and takes up a lot of space and makes me really unhappy.

But now to projects!
I’ll be again at the Zeitentanz ball in Vienna this year and I need to rework or make a new dress. I opt to reworking because I have a few more time consuming projects planned but I was also talking to a friend and now I’m thinking about the striped chemise a la reine where I already have fabric at home. (I showed you a picture of the dress in my recap post.

After the ball my next dress will be again a new 18th century dress which I will wear in venice in february! We’re going to be there because of school and I simply have to wear a historical dress there and take a few pictures!

I want to make a moon themed dress in blue with silver embroidery on the stomacher and hopefully also on the skirt but I haven’t found a blue fabric yet so I’m brainstorming for another idea. If you have one please let me know! 😀

After those dresses I’m going to be pretty busy with school and I don’t want to make to many plans so I want to work on my unfinished projects and comissions.
I have a corset commission from a friend (she already made me a bonnet and will make a second one in exchange for the corset).
I also have a second commission for early april. My cousin in germany will get a blue lace dress for her confirmation and I promised her and her mom to make it.

After school ended (mid-june) I hope to pass the master examination later that month and then I want to work on a regency wardrobe because I plan to make a england trip and I want to wear a lot of regency clothes there. (And I also have a lot of fabrics for this wardrobe in my stash 😀

In september I also plan to be at the ‘Venezianische Messe’ in germany.
And that’s it for my plans.

Very much 18th century this year but I don’t mind. I know myself and I know that I’m going to squeeze in other projects here and then.

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