Tested: Mrs Crocombes Biscuits (The Victorian Way)

For the historical picnic in Bad Ischl Magda, a good friend of mine, and I decided to test a recipe from Mrs Crocombe from English Heritage. If you don’t know her please go and watch her ‘The Victorian Way’ now!

The recipe was just as easy to make as it seemed in the video.
From start to finish (biting into a fresh biscuit) it took us about 45 minutes total. (And we sang Disney songs inbetween!)

Cream together sugar and butter…
We used a standing mixer because it was easier and of course faster.

Add flour and eggs (and we also added a little sprinkle of vanilla) and mix all together. It get’s rather creamy and starts to shine.

We used raisins instead of currants because we didn’t have them. Then we formed little biscuits (used a wet spoon to shape them a little bit because our first try was looking a little bit rough when it came out of the oven.

And voila! Finished biscuits! They were SO delicious and we almost couldn’t stop eating them. They were soft and fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside.
Magda and I agreed that a little bit of cinnamon would turn them into perfect christmas cookies! You could also use chocolate instead of currants/raisins.
The recipe is a perfect and simple basic recipe. I strongly recommend trying it out!

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