18th century

Everything rococo

Credit: Stefan Zeisler (@Tragopan1), art director of Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien

My favourite, most expensive and time consuming project, but also the one I loved most because it was so challenging! Learned a lot while working on it and learned even more after finishing it.
The dress will be on display at castle Ambras from june 17th – october 3rd 2021!

Hair & make up
A try on 18th century hair
Liquid Rouge
18th & 19th century hair powders
Part 1 – Introduction
Part 2 – The skirts
Part 3 – The bodice

The Venice dress

Oh venice, how beautiful you’ve been! Even though I had to leave early I had a very lovley time and I can’t wait to come back.

Carnival in venice (and why I had to leave early)
Starting my costume for venice
Accessoires for venice – cape, muff, fan, brooch
Carnival in venice – the dress

Chemise a la reine

My polyester chemise a la reine for the second Zeitentanzball (and the last one before the pandemic). Even though it’s not silk or cotton it’s a lovley dress to wear – and I can put it in the washing machine without destroying the delicate fabric.

Fairy Godmother dress

The second rococo dress, made in a few days and not very good, but I liked it at the time. Made with a pattern in Patterns of Fashion 1

The Zone Front Gown

Made with an Ikea Duvet Cover for the first Zeitentanz ball I went to.
Had a second outing with the skirt a la polonaise at a trip to Klosterneuburg with my lovley friend Franziska and her boyfriend!

Robe a l’anglaise

My first rococo dress made with an Ikea duvet cover and a pattern from Patterns of Fashion 1