12 months, 12 fabrics – challenge

It seems like this is going to be one of the last posts of 2020 and I want to share a project I want to start on january 1st in 2021 and I hope you all will join me! 🙂
Before I start:I didn’t have the inital idea, a friend of mine from a german-speaking costume forum had the idea at the beginning of 2020 and I loved it so much over the year that I asked her if I can share her idea with you guys!

What is 12 months, 12 fabrics?

This is a project for everyone who wants to reduce their fabric stash, wether it’s a huge or tiny one.
The main goal is to use up at least 12 fabrics in 12 months completly.
You can track your progress like you want. I’m going to make monthly lists to track my progress and I want to post every month what I used up and for what. I also use this project to track new fabric purchases, because I want the stash to get smaller – not bigger!
You also don’t have to use the fabrics for historical stuff, you only have to use it up. Wether it’s for new masks, modern clothing, accessoires or decorations for your home or your historical clothes. You can also track if you used up parts of your fabrics because maybe, you’ll finish them later that year and it’s great to see how much we use in a year!
In 2020 I was able to use up 71,6m of fabric and 24 leftover pieces or parts of other fabrics (not counting Marie Antoinette and master craftmans examination fabrics!!) and I hope to use up again as much as I did this year!

Use #12months12fabrics on instagram and make sure to also tag me @needleworkinghistory on your posts so that I get notified! And now: Happy counting, sewing and using up!

My Starting numbers for 2021:

I decided to split my fabric stash up into categories which resemble my boxes, because it’s easier for me to keep track of my huge stash.

Silk box: 14 fabrics, 1 Sari, 3 leftovers
Mixed box: 21 fabrics
Leftover box: 17 fabrics
Cotton/Linen box: 8 fabrics, 4 bedlinen, 1 big leftover
Special box: 3 fabrics, 1 wool felt, 12 interlining/interfacing, 2 coutil

This comes down to a total of:

  • 53 fabrics
  • 21 big leftovers
  • 12 interfacing/interlining

My main goal this year, next to using up 12 fabrics, is to clear out one box completley so that I can start using it to store costumes in, because I don’t have too much space in my room. I also want to only buy fabric for new projects and not just because they are pretty which is my biggest problem when it comes to buying fabric. 😀

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